Body shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser Review

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A friend of mine introduced me to body shop Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Moisturiser. She confirmed its a good moisturiser and have been using it for a year and it works perfectly for her.

I have a combination skin with oily t-zone. My face has been going through some changes, it is looking dull, getting darker by the day and it really makes my makeup look weird. The natural glow I wanted was not there and by the time its mid-day, my face looks so grumpy and tired. The supposed moisturiser I have been using to deal with this problem was not helping at all.



I decided to take her advice to buy the body shop vitamin c glow-boosting moisturiser which only cost me £16 after doing my own research by reading reviews from other users and the feedbacks were really good. I was also mindful that skins are different, what works for you might not work for me or the other way round. I was desperate and had to give it a go.

My Outcome: Body shop vitamin c glow-boosting moisturiser is a lightweight gel formula and it is also good for daily energize and hydration of the skin. After using it for one to two weeks, there were changes in my skin, the glow was coming back and rarely does my face looks tired anymore. My skin now looks clear and has this natural healthy glow to it. I am loving this product. It took me a while to know this product really exist and it works perfectly well for me.

I will recommend this product to those who have the same problem as me or who want the natural healthy glow to your skin.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your review!! This moisturizer sounds incredible. I love brightening products and The Body Shop is one of my favorite brands.


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