Irresistible Flames of Love

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“Haven’t you been told to not follow a guy into his room? He can do things to you,” he smirked.
“I trust you,” I said, looking at him. It was the first time I’d seen the color of his eyes properly. They were coffee brown and they are amazingly beautiful. He is so close to me I could hardly breathe.
“Gab” I silently called him, “You are too close, please move.” I pressed against the wall to create some space, but he moved in closer and I started to breathe hard. “Gab please!” My pleading came out as a whisper. Why was he affecting me like this?

Candy Lopez is a strong independent young lady who is not interested in romantic relationships. She works at the J SMITHS ENTERPRISE as the assistant project manager. She is invited by her immediate boss to a get-together party at the CEO’s house, where she met an attractive man. They had a misunderstanding and Candy accused him of sexually harassing her. Only for her to walk into the office the next day and was introduced to the same man as the new CEO and owner of the company.
Gabriel Smith is a hard worker and a carefree man who had just inherit the multi-million company J Smith Enterprise from his grandparents. He has his eye on Candy since he met her at the get-together party and he is out to get her by all means.

Enjoy reading…

Please note that all characters, names, places, story, incidents etc. are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance or similarities to any actual person or events are unintentional.

Note: This is a story I have written on Wattpad for the fun of it. This has to do with my interesting in writing.

Follow the link below to read the rest of the book on Wattpad. I also have an ongoing book you can check out.



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