My Peace of Mind Therapy Review







Introducing to you all my Peace of Mind therapy. A sensory therapeutic product from Origins with its main ingredient peppermint. I got to know about this lovely product when I was at one of my facial appointment. My esthetician used it on me after my facial was done and the experience was amazing. After applying, it has a tingling sensation which is not bad. I loved it because it calming with the scent of peppermint. I had headaches that needed to be sorted after my facials with my normal paracetamol, but this (Peace of Mind On-the-spot Relief) got the job done for me.

I use this when I have headaches or when I have been on my computer for a long time and need to recharge and a little relaxation. I just apply two dabs behind my ears, inhale it for few seconds and then apply to my temple, massaging it in. The active scent of mint from this product is calming. It is so portable to carry around. I carry it around anywhere I go.

This is highly recommended for those who have constant headaches, dizzy or relaxation.

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