Nature Republic: How I Use My Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel





Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel: I got it on YesStyle. Its been sold for £ 23.92, but I actually got mine for as low as £ 8.61 when on sales.

Aloe vera gel does a good job on dry skin. It hydrates, moisturises and helps sooth the skin. The gel can be used all over the body to add a dab of moisture and it absorbs into the skin quickly with a refreshing sensation. It is gentle to the skin and can be used by all skin types.

Where it can be applied: Hair, nails, razor burn, sunburn, revitalize a stressed complexion when used as a face pack, puffy eyes, aftershave. It a multi-use product.

How I use it:

  1. I mixed it with my face moisturiser and my body lotion. I also used it to soothe itching when I have any irritation on my skin.
  2. I mixed some with my foundation to make it more liquidy for my compact to keep me moisturised all day.

An amazing and highly recommended product, a must have in every household.


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