Shopping for new make-up




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I went shopping for more makeup kits with my friends. I got myself some fantastic color of lipsticks and some other skincare product. It was not easy to choose out of hundreds of products, but I was able to choose after pondering for a long time. hahaha. It was fun.

Is it easy for you to shop for a new set of make-up? It is not for me, especially when there new products coming out every day, week, months. I like trying out new things so it makes it hard for me to choose what next to buy. Sometimes I end up buying the perfect one or I end up with a disaster. I have used some lipsticks/lipgloss and ended up with blisters and rashes all over my face after using a certain powder. It was a nightmare that I had to experience such an ordeal.

Now I take my time buying my make-ups, I check out the ingredients even ask the staffs what they think about a certain product. An experience they say is the best teacher.

Even with the ups and downs, I face while buying my makeup, I am still loving the experience. That did stop me from trying different make-up products. I also know when I will react to a certain product now, and I can immediately discard such product then apply remedies to prevent a breakout. 

What are you experience shopping for a new make-up set?






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