My Treatment Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentration Serum From Kiehl’s: Does It work?





I have been using Kiehls Nightly Refining Micro-peel Concentration for a month now after it was recommended for my rough skin and little bumps that appear on my face. I bought it for £41.00 from the Kiehl’s store.

This skincare product is supposed to help refine rough texture on the skin, revealing newly radiant, refreshed skin. The serum helps to smoothen all rough layer leaving your face smooth and radiant in the morning.

Phytic acid: From rice bran. Helps to exfoliate to achieve smooth and soft skin.
Quinoa Husk Extract: Helps to release dull skin.
How to use: After cleansing and toning, apply several drops to fingertips, press concentrate into face until absorbed, follow with your serum and your night moisturizer. For overnight use

Does it work for me: At first I though this another waste of money after using it the first night. My face was looking better when I woke up, but after cleansing, I could see the roughness of my skin again. I wondered if the treatment was just a cover-up.

Not to be discouraged, I continue using it, knowing that I cannot get the result I wanted just after one night. I used it every night, after one week I started seeing changes, my skin was getting better, it was less rough and whenever I rub my face with my palm, I was satisfied with the texture. One thing I noticed is that in the morning when wiping my face with my toner, I see some particles that look like the dead skin on my wipe. Now that I said that I am not an expert to explain this better, but that is what I see.

After one month of using it, My face is looking better, its smoother and the texture of my skin is so soft. I am liking the result. I am glad I didn’t judge too early. I am satisfied with the outcome of using the nightly refining micro-peel concentration serum.

Now to answer the big question, YES it works for me.

I am not an expert on the skincare product, but I can tell you the skincare products that I have used and worked for me. This review is on how I reacted to this product and how it has worked for me.

Skin type: I have combination skin.

My concerns when I got it was because my face was looking rough.

Would I recommend it to anybody: YES



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