Avon Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Deep Clarifying Mask Review


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Blackhead Clearing Deep Clarifying Mask from Avon with chamomile extract. One of the cheap and effective masks I have ever used. Its just £3.00 on Avon website and does more than what you have paid for it. It does not dry up moisture in your skin. It is mild and not harsh on the skin. Done its wonders for me. I have been using for 2 months. Continue reading “Avon Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Deep Clarifying Mask Review”

Secret Key – Fresh Nature Toner Review



I first heard about Secret Key – Fresh Nature Toner from reviews done by beauty YouTubers some months back and was referred to Yesstyle. I got myself two of the toners with is the Witch Hazel Pore Clear Toner and Milk Brightening Toner, I bought them for £21.51 on the YesStyle website. there is a possibility to get it for a lower price when there is a discount off or sales. These toners are generally good for sensitive skin, it helps soften rough skin while keeping the skin moisturized, hydrate and soothe irritated skin. It has a pleasant scent and affordable. Continue reading “Secret Key – Fresh Nature Toner Review”

Nature Republic: How I Use My Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel





Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel: I got it on YesStyle. Its been sold for £ 23.92, but I actually got mine for as low as £ 8.61 when on sales. Continue reading “Nature Republic: How I Use My Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel”

Elemis – Superfood Facial Wash Review


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Elemis superfood facial wash: One of my morning/night routines cleanser. It has a fresh outdoor scent to it. The botanical smell that comes with it is amazing. My skin feels clean and nourished after use. Continue reading “Elemis – Superfood Facial Wash Review”

My Peace of Mind Therapy Review







Introducing to you all my Peace of Mind therapy. A sensory therapeutic product from Origins with its main ingredient peppermint. I got to know about this lovely product when I was at one of my facial appointment. My esthetician used it on me after my facial was done and the experience was amazing. After applying, it has a tingling sensation which is not bad. I loved it because it calming with the scent of peppermint. I had headaches that needed to be sorted after my facials with my normal paracetamol, but this (Peace of Mind On-the-spot Relief) got the job done for me. Continue reading “My Peace of Mind Therapy Review”

My Thoughts On Skinfood Exfoliating Product



I recently purchased these nice products from Yesstyle. they had so much positive reaction and reviews. I have been looking for a product that exfoliates and does not dry up my face. I needed something that helps retain moisture even after using because my cheek dries up easily. I decided to give black sugar mask a try. Continue reading “My Thoughts On Skinfood Exfoliating Product”

My Favourite Body Yogurt Right Now


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This is my current favorite body yogurt from The Body Shop Almond Milk Body Yogurt. I got mine for £8.50 form their store. This body yogurt is a light gel that absorbs right into your skin after applied and provide moisture.   Continue reading “My Favourite Body Yogurt Right Now”

Capturing the moment

Walking down the street today, I decided to capture this picture. Are they not looking beautiful? Nature is beautiful :).


“If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”  by Vincent Van Gogh Continue reading “Capturing the moment”

New Lipstick I am in love with😍




I got myself the new L’oreal Ultra matte liquid lipstick (LES CHOCOLATS). I bought myself one color for £8.99 to test it out from Superdrug since I was told it’s a new product in town. I am loving it so far and had to go back to get another one. Continue reading “New Lipstick I am in love with😍”