My Morning Skincare Routine



I decided to share some of the products I use in the morning before going to work. I make sure that I use those that absorbs right into my skin immediately, so I do not have to wait for it to dry before applying my makeup. Below is the products I use.



The Bodyshop Chamomile cleansing butter – I only use this when I have heavy cream on overnight or when I just want to do a thorough double cleansing. It is very mild and does not irritate my eye.



Elemis Superfood Facial Wash – Absolutely love this. It has a fresh outdoor smell to it which is amazing. I use it morning and night and my skin feels clean and nourished.

Superfood gel cleanser nourishes the skin with its packed nutrient-dense Supergreens and active Pre-Biotic, leaving skin radiant and glowing. Some of the active ingredients are avocado, broccoli, pumpkin seeds oil, this is basic needs needed every day to nourish our health/body and skin.




Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: I use this as the last cleanser I use in the morning. I have sensitive skin. This helps me calm down my skin and prevents irritation. I don’t use it every day. I only use it once in a while.




The Bodyshop Vitamin E hydrating toner: This is really mild and cleanses my skin really well. It leaves my fully hydrated and smooth.

The Bodyshop aqua boost essence lotion: This particular product is a little bit thick. I just apply a little to my cleaning pad and swipe on my face. It absorbs into my skin really quick.




Kiehl’s Powerful strength line reducing concentrate (vitamin c) serum: Been using it for one month. My dull skin has brightened a little and the lines on my forehead are looking better. It warms up on my skin at first application and gives me this matte feel after using.




Nivea 10Q plus anti-wrinkle eye cream: Recently got me this eye cream after many recommendations. I can not say how it has worked for me, but I can say it is mild and I have not been reacting to it.




The body Shop Glow-Boosting Moisturiser: Really like this. It is hydrating and absorbs really quick too. It also gives my skin the glow I want.


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