Bodyshop Vitamin E Collection Products

I have been using the body shop vitamin e collections in the morning and night and I am loving it. The toner is super hydrating for any type of skin.


The Essence is a little bit thick and feels nice when applied on the skin.


As for the moisturizing gel, I only use it in the night. I rub it in on my neck and face before applying my moisturizer for the night. This is to have a more hydrated skin overnight.


The night cream is more moisturizing and heavy cream. This is my last step of the night. It helps locks in every other skincare product I have used overnight.

I have been using this vitamin E collection for my hyperpigmentation and a little UV damage I have on my skin. I must say it works perfectly fine. It also smells really nice, you don’t have to worry if you are sensitive to smell.

Recommendation: Highly recommended. It is good for every type of skin. If you have flaky and dry skin, you should definitely try this out. If you also need a little more hydration on your skin, this is for you.


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