Makeup Hauls from Revolution

Got all this lovely makeup from Makeup Revolution at a very affordable price. I am so happy to get this high-quality product and they all feel amazing after use. Revolution products are known to be cruelty-free. The brushes feel so right when used. What I love the most is the eyeshadow palette, its got beautiful colors.

Evolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer – Original £2.50

Revolution Amazing Curve Mascara – Black £2.00

Revolution Precision Pro Brush Oval Face £3.00

Revolution Complexion Expert Duo Sponge £3.00

Revolution Duo Brow Pencil Light Brown £2.50

Revolution Flex Brush 02 Highlight and Glow £3.00

Revolution Flex Brush 04 Eye Light and Shade £2.00

Revolution HD Highlighter Palette Brighter Than My Future £free

I Heart Revolution Multi Liner £5.00

Revolution X Soph Extra Spice £10.00

Revolution Pro Cleanse Brush Tool £2.00


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