Beauty To-do List For This Year

So I finally decide to make a to-do list for my beauty/skincare, that I will like to keep to this year. Here is what I will like to work with.

What do you want to work on concerning your beauty routine this year?

  1. Try to find the best skincare Product that is perfect for my skin.
  2. Improve and keeping to my skincare routine.
  3. Stop hoarding skincare product: Try to control my excessive buying of skincare products. I am a little addicted to buying every product that picks my interest. I will try and only buy what is necessarily needed.
  4. Try to buy only what I can afford: I need to work on my impulsive buying of really expensive products that end up being a waste of money and time.
  5. Try to keep to my exfoliating routine: I tend to forget exfoliating. Sometimes I don’t in 2 weeks which is really not okay for my skin. I am just being lazy.
  6. Improve my makeup: My makeup collection is nothing to write home about. I need a change and improve on how I apply my makeup too.
  7. Try to get enough beauty sleep: I am really bad at going to bed early. I look for unnecessary things to do which keeps me awake most of the time, I usually end up going to bed late at midnight. I wake up looking tired and looking like a zombie.
  8. Introducing constant sunscreen moisturizer into my everyday skincare routine.
  9. Self-care: Been a while I gave myself a real treat. I will like to go for a nice body massage, facial treatments etc. I cannot remember the last time I did something that nice for myself.
PS: Picture is not mine.


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