Makeup Hauls from Revolution

Got all this lovely makeup from Makeup Revolution at a very affordable price. I am so happy to get this high-quality product and they all feel amazing after use. Revolution products are known to be cruelty-free. The brushes feel so right when used. What I love the most is the eyeshadow palette, its got beautiful colors.

Evolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer – Original £2.50

Revolution Amazing Curve Mascara – Black £2.00

Revolution Precision Pro Brush Oval Face £3.00

Revolution Complexion Expert Duo Sponge £3.00

Revolution Duo Brow Pencil Light Brown £2.50

Revolution Flex Brush 02 Highlight and Glow £3.00

Revolution Flex Brush 04 Eye Light and Shade £2.00

Revolution HD Highlighter Palette Brighter Than My Future £free

I Heart Revolution Multi Liner £5.00

Revolution X Soph Extra Spice £10.00

Revolution Pro Cleanse Brush Tool £2.00


My New Lipstick Collection





Just got myself this set of lipstick. New lipsticks for me. Revolution Iconic Matte Nude Revolution Lipstick, Maxfactor Matte Lipstick, L’oreal makeup Colour Riche Matte Lipstick.  Continue reading “My New Lipstick Collection”